NEW PROJECTS 2012-2013

Quartet composed of Rafael Zaldivar – Samuel Joly – Rémi-Jean Leblanc – Yannick Rieu,  with a classical instrumentation (piano, double bass, drums and saxophone), it moves away from the traditional approach in jazz (theme-solo-theme) by tighter writing, alternate ambiance, grooves and melodies, while providing full freedom for the soloists. The participation of Cuban pianist Rafael Zaldivar brings a distinctive emotion to this quartet.


Love Story - Film music - Special project for the Chinese tour
A Quartet dedicated to the interpretation of film music, a wide repertoire including Charlie Chaplin, Michel Legrand and Ennio Morricone. This is a common place for original instrumental playing and improvisation.

Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon - Chinese music and jazz
After several tours in China, hours of musical study and collaborations with many Chinese artists, Yannick Rieu develops new links between jazz and Chinese music, traditional or contemporary. This vast and rich repertoire brings new perspectives as well as surprising mixtures at the instrumental level.
Second edition of "Yannick Rieu at school"
Master classes, workshops in the schools, colleges and universities.


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