NEW PROJECTS 2012-2013

The Art of the Trio
A new repertoire for the Adrian Vedady (db) – John Fraboni (dr) – Yannick Rieu (sax) Trio, active for five years, allows the master saxophonist to renew his approach and to perfect jazz trio playing. Renewal of the compositions, specially adapted for performers and concept development in focus group (exchange of ideas, discussions on the role of musicians).


Tribute to John Coltrane - A love Supreme
François Bourassa (p) and Yannick Rieu (sax) unite their talents to those of John Fraboni (dr) and Adrian Vedady (db) to achieve this Coltrane Tribute, "best show of the summer festival at the Centre d'art Orford 2011". The Quartet wants to revitalize the major works of Coltrane.


Third version of the Spectrum Group embodied by Samuel Joly (dr) – Rémi-Jean Leblanc (b) – Yannick Rieu (sax). It allows Rieu to explore the many facets of improvised music: jazz, rock, funk, etc. Using a new repertoire, this group combines the flexibility of Trio playing to the rigour of machines (sampling, rhythm, synthesizers, filters).


Spectrum3 plays Uzeb (Continued from the project initiated in 2011)
Inspired by UZEB group that marked his time, Spectrum3 proposes to do a personal reading of their music. Electronic sampling adds and multiplies the musical possibilities. Indeed, the project revisits UZEB’s repertoire by a modernized approach, but still based on the funky rhythms of the 1980s, satisfying both traditional “jazz-fusion’ public and young audiences who will love to discover this Quebec musical legacy.


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