NEW PROJECTS 2012-2013

La Vie En Rose – A French Song Celebration
The Yannick Rieu (sax) – Sylvain Provost (g) – Guy Boisvert (db) trio explores the astonishing richness of this repertoire: Barbara, Trenet, Gainsbourg, Brel, Ferré, Piaf, a fantastic reservoir of melodies. Using an original approach, re-harmonization and rhythmic changes, it brings a new impetus to known and less known themes and songs.

Quebec people keep an obvious link with the French song and this project, which combines the popular melodies and jazz interpretation, sounds truly modern and accessible.


Music and spirituality (shows-conferences)
Many links exist between jazz musicians and spirituality, often unsuspected, and the current project aims to enlighten this relationship through the works of John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter. Quite original, this project uses a dual "music-animation" format:  direct interactions with the public at the end of musical performances. It will be produced in collaboration by Yannick Rieu and animators-editors of radio jazz.


Inspiration and John Coltrane : with his colleague François Bourassa, Yannick Rieu wants to explore and suggests new ideas concerning the interpretation of Coltrane’s music. A whole new repertoire that makes an overview of the developmental stages of this great musician.

Creativity and Wayne Shorter : this project is based on the revolutionary saxophonist who, taking advantage of the celebrity gained alongside Art Blakey and Miles Davis, triumphs on world stages with a totally "free" and subtle sound, very seducing to musicians and public because it allows to create, to draw from an inner, unconscious force.
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