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His second disc, Sweet Geom, was recorded live at the Victoriaville new music festival with bassist Frédéric Alarie and drummer Paul Léger in 1994. The recording features his own compositions and a performance of Sonny Rollins’s “Freedom Suite.” “Yannick Rieu combines honest statement and tender delivery in a truly original manner; he plays with the instrument’s breathy and rough textures, going from murmur to outburst, from reserved to talkative. In this concert, Rieu expresses a joy for saying what deserves to be said and saying it well.” Jazz Magazine
, Paris.“ A universe that is flamboyant, rich and promising.” Le Devoir, Montreal

In 1995, Rieu came out with his third album, What is the colour of love, featuring a quartet that included Laurent Fickelson on piano, Philippe Soirat on drums, and Frédéric Alarie on bass. This CD won the 1996 ADISQ Félix award for Quebec jazz album of the year.” polished, unexpected and astounding, these eight pieces - six by Yannick Rieu, one by John Coltrane (Giant Steps),and one by Frédéric Alarie - going right to the heart. Neophytes and seasoned jazz fans alike will find transcendence in these compositions.” Paroles et Musique, Montreal. “His quest has taken him through every facet of acoustic jazz, and he has finally found his own niche: relatively simple compositional structures, a certain classicism, and an invariable boldness when it comes to improvisation.”Alain Brunet, Montreal.
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